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Capital Area Process Service, Inc.

Tallahassee Firms:    Capital Area Process Service, Inc. offers free pick-up of process and drop-off of your returns.  Don't worry, we scan every Return of Service, so we can also provide you with an electronic Return if you prefer.

Out-of-town Customers:    We find that mis-delivery of mail to us occurs too often for our satisfaction with the US Postal Service.  We don't recommend Certified, Return-Receipt as we're not always in the office to sign for the delivery.  I will say that many times, when I've signed a USPS Return Receipt, the receipt has been delivered back to me rather than to the sending party.  That really defeats the purpose!

Overnight Deliveries

If you wish to send us a package for Rush Delivery, We highly recommend Federal Express!  While FedEx & UPS guarantee delivery by 10:30 a.m., UPS has us on the end of their early route, so, sometimes it's here early and sometimes it's not.  If we don't receive the process by that time, we can't promise same-day service.

It has been our experience that USPS Express Mail most often arrives around 3:00 p.m and is almost always put into our Mailbox, instead of being delivered to the door, so we don't always know that it has come right away. This is too late for same-day service.  If you must use USPS Express Mail, PLEASE sign the Signature Release.  Everyone in our firm serves process, so when Express Mail eventually arrives, we might all be out of the office.  If we return to find only a notice of attempt, we have to wait until the next business day to retrieve the package by standing in line at Post Office.

PLEASE always notify us of an overnight delivery by email or phone, and let us know which carrier and the tracking number (office@VPService.com) or 850-656-2605.  If preparing the overnight delivery online,
please add our email address as the "Recipient" and we will be notified as the package moves from place to place.

PLEASE DO NOT MARK "SIGNATURE REQUIRED" ON DELIVERIES! We have a Drop Box for those times when the door can't be promptly answered.  Requiring signatures can seriously delay our receipt and, thus, its service.

Recently it has become more appealing and easier to EMAIL process for service with payment by Credit Card.  Please see our Credit Card Policy if you wish to use this method of delivery.  We Email a PDF of your Return of Service to you and provide the Original Return of Service to you by mail.  We always include an executed writ with the Return of Service as well (Date & Time Received, Date & Time Served, Signature, Title & Appointment Number).
Getting Your Process To Us
If it's important to you, it's very important to us! Please email us your tracking number when shipping FedEx, UPS & Express/Priority Mail.