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These days, the cost of Mailing, FedExing and UPSing is higher than ever, and it's never a sure-thing! We charge a small fee for printing
your process, which doesn’t come close to matching the cost of any trackable shipping!

Here are just some of the Advantages of Emailing and paying by Credit Card:

Our fee for printing starts at $5.00 for the first 20 pages.
Advancing your fee to the Chief Financial Officer, under Florida Statute §624.502 ($15.00)
Advancing your fee to The Florida Secretary of State, under Florida Statute §48.161 ($8.75).
We only charge $5.00 for advancement of each of those fees and think of the Savings!

Generally, we get process one day and serve it the next (Business Locations), without a Rush Fee.  We don’t guarantee next-day service
at a standard rate, of course, but we do everything reasonably possible to accomplish it.

We Print your Process; Run your Credit Card; Email your Credit Card Receipt to you; Serve your Process; Email you the scan of your
Return of Service and mail you the Original Return of Service!
We RECOMMEND Emailing your Process!

Yes, that’s right, we RECOMMEND EMAILING!
Emailing Saves
Capital Area Process Service, Inc.