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Capital Area Process Service, Inc.
Only Registered Insurance Compaines may be served in Florida.  The Chief Financial Officer of Florida receives all process for Insurance Companies, pursuant to F.S. §48.151(3).  Please review all documents to determine the actual name of the underwriting company (click on the link given above to search the Registered Insurance Company on-line database).  Do no try to serve a "group" name! For example, there are several "State Farm" companies registered in Florida, but State Farm and State Farm Insurance Company or Companies are no among them and thus can NOT be served in Florida.  Also, if you have multiple services for the Chief Financial Officer for different Insurance Companies, it is imperative that a separate check be made to the Department of Financial Services (the name of the Florida State Agency that the CFO is over), for EACH service!  Otherwise, should there be any problem with one service, it will delay the service of all.

When serving Insurance Companies, you must provide the following:
2 Summonses (or Subpoenas or Writs)
1 Copy of Complaint, Petition or other pleading
A Separate $15.00 check payable to the "Department of Financial Services" for each and every service being made. PURSUANT TO F.S. §624.502.  Do Not put the name of the person holding  the office of the Chief Financial Officer on any document.  Your Summons or other writ should read as follows:
TO:  Name of Insurance Company (as registered)
         By Serving: Chief Financial Officer
         200 E Gaines St Rm 131
         Tallahassee, FL 32399

When Serving Sub-Divisions of the State of Florida, pursuant to F.S. §768.28(7), provide same Documents ($15 FEE IS NOT APPLICABLE TO THIS SERVICE).  A New Summons must be provided (pursuant to DFS requirements) which should read as follows:

TO:  Department of Financial Services For:
         Name of State Agency, County etc.
         Pursuant to F.S.  §768.28(7)
         200 E Gaines St Rm 131
         Tallahassee, FL 32399
PLEASE NOTE: Service of Process is NOT effectuated on the Sub-Division of the State in this manner.  The Particular Agency must be served according to F.S. §48.111 and/or §48.121 (when the State has consented to be sued).  The Service on the Department of Financial Services only provides the required notice pursuant to  §768.28(7).

Division of Workers Compensation Subpeonas should be directed to (and served upon):

Records Custodian
Department of Financial Services
Divison of Workers' Compensation
200 E Gaines St Ste 131
Tallahassee, FL 32399

Insurance Companies Registered To Do Business in Florida                                                 & Service on Florida Department of Financial Services 768.28(7)